Bazaar on Beacon Street is a renowned legend among European groceries and deli stores  marked our start in this industry in 1982. If you visit Bazaar Supermarkets in person, you can enjoy shopping from a wide variety of products and most of all, our abilities to provide on each of our customer’s tastes. Our objective is to make sure that although you are in a big city, you will enjoy the experience of shopping in a small country store where you will find everything fresh, just as when it came from the garden. Our Beacon store is conveniently located so that they you can easily access it whether you are driving, on T or when you are on foot.



We aim to be the one stop center for European food and drinks alike. That is why we have a robust wine and liquor collection to accompany your food the right way. We have hand selected Russian liquors, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Georgian and Armenian wines, cognacs and brandies that are sure to give you great value for your money. In addition, we also bring you rare beers from as far as Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other places. For your entire Grocery needs and a wide range of European special foods, visit our Bazaar on Beacon store. This bustling store covers a wide range of products right from smoked fish, caviar to candies and cakes. Pick also on your best salads here alongside take away foods not forgetting to find your top selection on bakery products, including the most loved bulochki in the store - so good, even Boston Globe raved about them.

Due to the rise in demand for our services and products, Bazaar chain of stores is continually expanding. This outstanding store was opened in 2012 and since then it has become a neighborhood germ for many. Visit our Bazaar West Store for the latest food produce in the market and the rarest specialties.

And our prices always reflect our slogan: ROYAL DELICACIES AT PEASANT PRICES

Bazaar International Gourmet
1432 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446
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